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    Lightbulb Screen

    I am still a noob with screen but really love the way it works and how I cant move around my terminals while using ssh! My problem is that when I ssh into my server via the user I have allowed to ssh (using rsa keys) then I su into a different user that I use to actually execute scripts and such. When I am the second user I type...

    minecraft@minecraft-VirtualBox ~/bukkitit $ screen -S Minecraft
    Cannot open your terminal '/dev/pts/1' - please check.
    minecraft@minecraft-VirtualBox ~/bukkitit $ ls -l /dev/pts/1
    crw--w---- 1 blaze tty 136, 1 Apr 14 20:46 /dev/pts/1
    I am guessing this means that because I ssh'd as blaze I can't start a screen as minecraft? That's as far as I understand so please someone open my mind to what is going on and why I can't start a screen like this...

    thanks in advance

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    Re: Screen

    In 15 minutes figured out my own answer lol...

    There are two simple ways of solving the issue without comprimising security.
    The first one is fairly simple. Set a (strong) password for the user you would like to run screen as, and log in directly to that user. You will now be able to start up a screen, as you now have the appropriate permissions.
    The alternative is:

    • Invoke the screen as root
    • In the screen session: change (su) to the user you would like to run things under..
    • Do stuff...
    • Detach from the screen.

    This works because the root/superuser will still be able to access any user's tty.

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