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Thread: Accidentally killed my home-directory

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    Accidentally killed my home-directory

    Hi there,

    I have to hd's in my laptop, a 32gb ssd and a 500gb standart drive.

    I installed (uefi) Ubuntu 12.10 to the ssd and win8 do a partion on the 500gb drive.
    I tried to move my home to the a free partition on the 500gb drive, to save space on the ssd for the system.

    I tried to move my home-directory from the ssd to a partion on the 500gb drive.

    I used this guide:

    Everything worked
    (except from
    umount /home
    there was some output about busy drive)
    but now after a reboot i cant log into my account.
    It does not print out that the password is wrong or anything it just dont let me in.

    Want can I do to get my access back?

    Thanks for your time!

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    Re: Accidentally killed my home-directory

    can be closed - i solved the problem with a complete ubuntu re-install

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