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Thread: Sony Vaio SVE14 No audio via HDMI / Can't upgrade to 12.10

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    Sony Vaio SVE14 No audio via HDMI / Can't upgrade to 12.10

    I have a Sony Vaio sve14ae13l which is surprisingly more compatable with ubuntu right off that bat compared to my hp envy laptop.. On my hp HDMI didn't work at all, and since i used it primarily for compiling I didn't care too much about having the hdmi working.. However on this laptop Ubuntu will be my primary OS and it does have enough working to work as my daily with the exception that HDMI audio doesn't work, now i read somewhere that sony's do take well sometimes from upgrading alsa, but i've also read that people completely lose audio from doing so.. So I'm wondering if anyone has a solution that's worked on this laptop or one of the same series.

    Another thing is I have an issue with is that I can't upgrade to 12.10, I don't know if my hardware can't handle it or if the drivers just aren't yet supported in 12.10. when I go to my hardware/driver settings in 12.10 (using gnome classic) it says it's using fallback drivers.. I'm still a newb but I'm guessing that the drivers just haven't been updated for 12.10. Am I wrong? Can my hardware simply not handle ubuntu 12.10?

    Sony Vaio SVE14AE13L
    Intel i-7 3630qm APU
    8gb ddr3 ram
    1tb hdd

    Ubuntu 12.04 64bit / Windows 8

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    Re: Sony Vaio SVE14 No audio via HDMI / Can't upgrade to 12.10

    Soo, i found a way to get hdmi audio working, I had to switch to the "post-release updates" ATI driver (which happens to only show up upon plugging in via hdmi) The main issue I have now is that it doens't support my laptops resolution.. the max the driver supports is 1440x900 where my laptop is 1600x900, is there anyway I can change a file to allow 1600x900? because in order to not have 1inch black margins on the left and right side of my screen i have to go all the way down to 1360x768 and i lose a lot of screen real estate on this 14in screen...

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