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Thread: Harmony 700 remote / IR Receiver

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    Harmony 700 remote / IR Receiver

    I have a Myth .23 setup working pretty good with a ATI Wonder RF (radio) remote. I bought a Harmony 700 remote last week and would like to change my Myth setup over to use the new remote. I need to buy a IR receiver for my remote. In the Mythbuntu Control Centre there are settings for remotes, that is how I got my ATI remote to work. I guess I will just tell it I have a Media center remote? Do I need any cheap IR receiver, or are some easier to get working than others? Has anyone tried the FLIRC receiver? It claims to emulate a USB Keyboard. I will need to run about a 6ft extension on the USB port to get it through the wall to my living room, I don't guess this will cause a problem.


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    Re: Harmony 700 remote / IR Receiver

    I don't know about an IR receiver.

    However, for what it's worth I have a Harmony 700 remote also. The first time it configured on Ubuntu 12.04 with out any problems. Later, when I reconnected to the computer to make some changes it was no longer detected by Congruity.

    Because only Windows OS is supported for configuring it. And the Logitech Harmony web configuration site is apparently no longer supported (they say download their Windows software to configure).

    I'm thinking about changing to a JP1.x type remote.

    Take a look at;

    I have the, Java, JP1.x programming software (RemoteMaster.jar) running on Ubuntu and it is not dependent on the Logitech closed database of IR codes, etc.
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    Re: Harmony 700 remote / IR Receiver

    I've used various MCE IR receivers for years (bought from newegg, ebay, amazon) With my various Harmony remotes. Check my hardware link in my signature for the ones I'm using now. Although I haven't used congruity in a while for updating my remotes I am still able to use to configure. I just click past the software message and then log in.
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