Hi, i am a little new on Ubuntu but trying Linux in generfal for a few years.
Only recently i made "the complete switch" and must say that i like it.
I am running Ubuntu 12.10 / 64bit with kernel on a HP2540P notebook with Gnome3 (loving it, especially all the add-ons).

All going quite smooth except i cannot seem to use my webcam and fingerprint sensor.
So far i managed to get everything working, my system is tweaked and set-up according all my needs. But still i fail in getting cam and FP to work.

Tried so many things found in forums and FAQ all over the web. But nothing works.
No devices found is the general feedback from my OS.

I was wondering if there is anyone who has "Linuxed" the same notebook and/or anyone who had a similar problem and fixed it?