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Thread: Strange startup troubles, Ubuntu 12.04

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    Strange startup troubles, Ubuntu 12.04

    My Compaq Presario CQ50 developed the following: at startup, lots of beeping, then lots of lines on screen with "[^123]" repeated continuously, then the purple screen of ubuntu comes (but flickering, end the repeating characters still on the top lines) and eventually, the login screen appears. The first time this happened, I hit F2 but instead of getting to the BIOS menu an Ubunru "recovery screen" appeared; one of the options was a full fsck (which went on with no problem), another option was something like "repair grub". I have not been able to get this screen again. Is there a way to check or repair grub manually? Thanks

    Note: I found the "Grub repair" tool and did everything, but the problem remains-
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