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Thread: Running CryEngine in Wine

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    Running CryEngine in Wine

    This may be better in the 'Wine' section, but I am a total noob to Ubuntu, or any linux for that matter, so I need really basic advice.
    I have searched many places but nowhere seems to have the same problems, or any problems at all.
    I found instructions on how to run the CryEngine SDK in Ubuntu here:;msg=125110 ;
    I followed them perfectly, as far as I know, but when I try to launch any of the CryEngine .exe files, it does nothing.
    I have run them from the terminal by typing "wine", a space, and the path to the file and get the following result:
    This is for running "Editor.exe"
    Wine launches in the dock, and a rectangle in the middle of my screen freezes.
    Running latest everything, and I installed updates & restarted just before running.

    And help or guidelines would be really appreciated.

    Thank you!
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    Re: Running CryEngine in Wine

    Thread moved to the "Wine" forum.

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    Re: Running CryEngine in Wine

    Sorry for posting in the wrong place :/
    Thank you.

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