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Thread: Wine : dialog box too small

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    Wine : dialog box too small

    As per title , I installed wine but the dialog box is too small: a very tiny rectangle , too small to have fonts in it as also I can't visualize any cotnrol button.
    The application work, indeed I was able to install an application by pressing enter (without visualizing the control buttons though, just a bit of luck as I remembered the installation process)

    Wether I set the virtual desktop or not, doesn't make a difference.
    Whether I use kde windows style or no style doesn't change a thing.
    Wine regedit window appear with normal size but just empty

    I'm using KDE 4.10.2 as DE. Wine version 1.5.27

    Any ideas?
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    Re: Wine : dialog box too small

    I have this same issue in Ubuntu 13.10 with gnome 3.10 interface. Anyone can help us?

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    Re: Wine : dialog box too small

    Open Configure wine in search , and select virtual dekstop


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