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Thread: Screen resolution messes up on HDMI output

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    Screen resolution messes up on HDMI output

    OS: Ubuntu 12,04
    Netbook : Acer Aspire One D270
    Graphics card : None (Intel HD Chipset)

    Hi Friends,

    Alright. My Netbook has the following resolution. I am assuming that this is the maximum resolution and not the only resolution.

    This is the only option I get for resolution when HDMI is NOT connected.

    Now when I plug in HDMI cable then these are the resolution options I get the following resolution options.

    1. 1280x1024
    2. 1024x768
    3. 800 x 600

    When option 1 is selected then the netbook screen and the samsung screen both work perfectly.

    I have seen that HD videos are not played particularly well in the netbook so I proceeded to go for a lower resolution option 2. But then the TV screen works ok but my netbook display messes up like this.

    This happens with option 3 as well. So unless and until I revert to option 1 resolution again my netbook screen is totally messed up. The only option is to shut down from the TV and restart once again.

    Here again, if the HDMI is connected after restart then no problems, but if the HDMI is disconnected then after loading it gives a error message as to so and so type of resolution was not recognized etc...

    So people, is there any way to get my netbook to work in all the three resolutions perfectly along with my TV?

    Last edited by paradoxcy; April 20th, 2013 at 12:08 PM. Reason: Ran the update manager. Then downloaded the drivers once again and voila! Issue resolved.....Thank god for that...

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