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Thread: Buying a netbook before they disappear

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    Buying a netbook before they disappear

    I'm in the market for a netbook. I am a web developer and need a little lightweight travel computer to replace my current "netbook" (a Sony Vaio VGN-T150 which I still love but it's too slow).

    It seems like many manufacturers are phasing out their netbooks because people want tablets, best get one before they are gone.

    Buying a laptop is always hard because of the hardware, I've looked through the hardware compatibility, but I want more user experiences for the newer models. I'm probably looking at acer or asus.

    I'd love if it had an ssd, but I'll probably have to install one after the fact. Also I want it to have enough power to run full Ubuntu, not Lubuntu or a more minimal OS.

    At this, the potential end of netbooks, what is the best one to buy? New or used. Best processor? Battery Life? Least amount of hacking to get the hardware to work?


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    Re: Buying a netbook before they disappear

    maybe a song vaio duo 11? though you might have some trouble getting the touchscreen to work.

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    Re: Buying a netbook before they disappear

    Interesting idea! It's a little big and yeah, I highly doubt that I could ever get the touch screen to work.

    I think I'm leaning toward a 10 or 11 inch screen. The vaio is nice that it has an SSD, not many netbooks seem to have ssd's.

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