Hey guys, this is my first post so i'll try to be as extensive at possible. I got a Dell XPS 15 (L521x) laptop with Ubuntu 12.10 on it, and I cannot get the keyboard backlights working. I've tried editing the /etc/default/grub in a tutorial found here: http://blogs.pcworld.co.nz/pcworld/t...ing_the_b.html I've also tried changing some brightness options in the /sys hierarchy. I did notice that I don't seem to have a kbd_backlight/ directory which I've notice people on some other forums seem to be referencing. This may be the source of the issue. The thought also crossed my mind to try and install some samsung backlight drivers https://launchpad.net/~voria/+archive/ppa/ but I think that'll hurt more than help. So now i'm hoping maybe one of you guys can give me some pointer any help at all will do i'm pretty much at my wits end. Thanks!