Hey everyody,

I'm posting here to share my problem on waking up the computer from suspend. It's been few days now that i can't wake up from Suspend anymore, and that suddenly, without changing anything in the settings. I've just made a couple of updates through the Software Center but that's it, I don't think it has a relation though.

I'm on a Zareason Ultralap 430. The computer does go to suspend (blinking light on the side of computer testifying it's suspended) but whatever the button i press on the keyboard it just shutdown.

Any ideas ? I couldn't find any valuable infos to solve my problem in previous threads, any help would be appreciated !

Ps: I experience quite a lot of freezes as well on gnome shell 3.6 especially when going to the Activites button, the system gets stucked without any possibility of getting out of it (reassigned, ctrl-alt-delete to open the system monitor but doesn't seem to do the trick ; can't open the terminal either (attempting to use kill all - name of the programm)

Thanks in advance