Hey guys, I have a new laptop, internal mic/webcam. The system came with Windows 7. I had used YouCam to record videos ver successfully and with great audio/video quality. I am a musician so I play in front of the webcam often, relying on good audio.

Anyway, since installing Ubuntu I can't figure out a few things related to audio.

First, and formost, the quality of the audio I now record is horrible... I've searched fixes and none have fit.

Also, I am asked with some applicactions (VLC) the audio decice name, which I can not figure out. (The video device name is "/dev/video0" but nothing similar works for audio).

Lastly, does anyone have a recomendation for an application to use for this? My only concerns are, in order, good audio, good video. I don't need any extras.

Thanks so much for your time guys... I am new to Linux, been a long time coming by recomendation and FINALLY got tired of Windows.... and this runs way faster/better... I just need to learn some things.