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Thread: Running Windows and Office XP on Ubuntu LTSP (Revisted)

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    Running Windows and Office XP on Ubuntu LTSP (Revisted)

    Hey Alexkim,

    I know that you had this question a while ago, I just don't like not getting things answered, as well as, It frustrates me when people try to answer with answers that make the forums and it's users sound and look useless.

    Your original post:

    Running Windows and Office XP on Ubuntu 10.10 LTSP

    I don't need to say anything about the answers, they speak volumes by them selves!

    So the information is already in place that will give you the answer of one way to do what you are looking to try to do (You may need to adapt it for use with how you are going to run it - hope this helps you or someone else looking in this):


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    Re: Running Windows and Office XP on Ubuntu LTSP (Revisted)

    I'd suggest that next time you just message the user or post in their thread since creating multiple threads to answer a thread is pointless basically.

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    Re: Running Windows and Office XP on Ubuntu LTSP (Revisted)

    I suggest that the answers given in the original thread suffice and are in keeping with this section of the Ubuntu Forums rules:

    We do not support circumventing TOS, EULA, etc here.
    The link to the blog has been removed.

    Thank you.

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