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Thread: Ubuntu dvd won't work.

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    Ubuntu dvd won't work.

    I followed the instructions on to burn and install the os. I put the dvd in, rebooted and it kinda started to load windows I didn't even see an Ubuntu logo, it just did the normal Windows loading screen with the loading bar that goes around and around. Then I got a black screen. I had to restart and when I did it failed to do so, so I restarted again and I got the Windows repair screen, I did the repair and had to do restore to a save point.

    Why did this happen?

    I wanted to do the live cd since I've never tried Linux before.

    I asked on the IRC but I'm not sure if the answer applies to me as I don't even know if the commands from the article I was reffered to are for Windows or Linux...

    All help appreciated! Thanks
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