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Thread: HDD not visible. Data recovery help needed.

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    Arrow HDD not visible. Data recovery help needed.

    Novice and new and you will see below how much of a mess I've created.

    My windows recently refused to boot, instead taking me to the BSOD and repeatedly trying to reboot.

    So, using a backtrack 5 KDE disk I have I downloaded Ubuntu 12.04 and unetbootin.

    Ok, so I Installed ubuntu (keeping windows) , on a new partition.

    It wouldn't boot, it gave me an error as soon as the computer went on. (Unlike the windows issue where it ran a good minute through the boot cycle before BSOD and restarting)

    I decided to install ubuntu again, over windows, figuring I'd deal with fixing windows later (if ever) and was happy enough because all my music, videos and photos are on my D drive and not C.

    When I clicked to install it asked me again if I wanted a fresh install or for ubuntu to be installed beside....(only this time it asked me if I wanted to install ubuntu beside ubuntu. (No mention of windows)

    Anyway, I clicked for it to install over what was there and make a new installation.
    A few clicks without reading it properly later and I had chosen to delete everything and go with a fresh installation.

    Within 5 seconds of clicking I realised I would lose my whole D drive also and all my personal files, I turned the machine off.

    I assume all the data is still there but there is no partitions.

    I installed ubuntu onto an 8gb USB for the time being and am in Ubuntu 12.04.
    I'd like to know how I find the HD from here, and how I would go about getting my files.
    Either by moving them to an exernal HDD or by mounting. partitioning or whatever I need to do to the HDD I can't find.

    Any help would be excellent.


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    Re: HDD not visible. Data recovery help needed.

    From the usb stick install testdisk. This can recover lost partitions and it's utility photorec can recover all manner of file type.

    Read up on it first though.

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    Re: HDD not visible. Data recovery help needed.

    Thanks for the quick reply ..

    I'll give that a bash.


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