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Thread: Am stuck with 3 problems....... :(

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    Am stuck with 3 problems....... :(

    Hello Everybody .. am a newbie to LINUX, and start my journey with Ubuntu 12.04, and am stuck with 3 problems..

    1. My First problem is pretty funny. My headphone doesnt work though it used to when I found a solution from a net and implemented it. solution was like i had to append a like options snd-hda-intel model=eapd probe_mask=1 position_fix=1 to my /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf file. It was working fine until day before yesterday and then on yesterday when I logged into my Laptop it stopped working. I tried to switch several times to sound system with and without headphone but its not working anymore.

    2. I want to play .swf format files, Currently am playing it on Gnash viewer/player but am not happy with it. So is it possible to play this file using current default player which is Movie Player, and if so then which kind of plugin I might need to install ??? [ So far Tried to use VLC/KMplayer/Mplayer/Movie Player Nothing of them has worked ]

    3. How can I install Skype? [ Solved ]

    thanks in advance ..
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