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Thread: Connect my ipod to my car stereo

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    Connect my ipod to my car stereo

    hi all

    i was wondering if anyone can help me. i want to connect my ipod to my car stereo but the thing is. the RCA labeled in the back of the stereo is in OUTPUT, i am already using FM transmitter but the sound quality is not that good, there is no auxiliary input at the back nor at the front. My last option is the "Disc changer Input", i was wondering if i could use this to connect my ipod and what adapter should i used because both ends from the car stereo and my ipod aren't the same.

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    Re: Connect my ipod to my car stereo

    What does this have to do with ubuntu?

    Just make a cable with connectors that fit.

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    Re: Connect my ipod to my car stereo

    Not an Ubuntu support request.

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    Re: Connect my ipod to my car stereo

    Your best bet it to get a stereo with either ipod support or an aux port. I ended up replacing the stock stereo in my car with a Pioneer one because the cd part was broken. Now I rarely even use the cd portion of the stereo because it has an aux jack and a USB port capable of paying off a thumb drive.

    The receiver I got was this one:

    It might not be super shiny, but it had HD radio and support for aux+usb+ipods (and you can match the display and buttons to your interior lights).
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