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Thread: Deleting new kernel using old one?

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    Deleting new kernel using old one?

    So I received a kernel panic error after a simple tweak to my system and thus decided to boot using an older kernel instead. I thought, why not just delete the new kernel using Synpatic or Ubuntu Tweak? Since I already have Synpatic installed, I tried to launch it but with no luck. The app simply doesn't appear on screen. As for Ubuntu Tweak, I am given the 'you don't have permission blah blah blah' line each time I try to install.

    Is the issue of my not having privileges the result of using an older kernel to execute certain functions? If so, how do I correct this issue? Is there some other way to delete the latest, malfunctioning kernel and keep only the one I'm currently using (and hopefully restore system privileges)?

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    Re: Deleting new kernel using old one?

    Using an older kernel does not take away your right to use sudo. You should hardly notice it's an older kernel. Maybe it helps if you tell us something about the simple tweak that caused your problem.

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