Running 2 desktops in the office with Ubuntu 9.10 and an HP Laserjet 1200. One connects to the printer with parallel port cable, the other connects via USB. The Laserjet has given up the ghost, and we'd like to get a new basic cheap current laser printer that is perfectly compatible with these 2 desktops. Support for the OS is of course expired, and we'd like to connect a printer that will work right out of the box and not give us any driver headaches. The desktops work just fine, have 512 MB RAM, are at least 7 years old, and are connected to the Internet via a router. We are not inclined to upgrade to a more recent Ubuntu version, what with the serious hardware limitation of these desktops. Also, how to connect the new printer to 2 desktops? All printers I see are single-USB port nowadays. Thanks for any help, guys.