Hello there. My brother has a Toshiba Tecra M9 (model no. PTM90E-05600WEN) on which he runs Ubuntu 12.04. Recently, as he was booting it up, the screen went blank and from then on it has been unusable. I can hear that the computer is working, and the LED's are lit up steadily, but there is no display. Upon booting I can see the Toshiba logo, sometimes only for a split second but sometimes for longer. Occasionally it gets to the Grub screen, and VERY occasionally it gets as far as the desktop before the display flickers, wobbles then goes blank. He has since acquired a notebook but I would like to get this Toshiba working again as I hate to see something go to waste. It seems to my (totally inexperienced) eyes that this is a problem with the screen but I don't know. Any light anyone could shed would be most appreciated! Please let me know if you need more information.