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Thread: Please extend support for ubuntu 10.04

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    Angry Please extend support for ubuntu 10.04

    Dear, Canonical, Gnome 2 and Ubuntu 10.04 should be supported for another 5 years. There are many Netbooks that run very well with Ubuntu 10.04 and Gnome 2 GUI. Where is open source community heading to? Where are the principles of simple yet effective software? Now Linux based distros are starting to make their way into the world of bloated software and of course of non friendly world of closed source software.

    Kind regards and all the best in destroying what just simply ran very well. I am not against future development but why's Canonical just giving up Gnome 2 and Ubuntu 10.04 support so easily. I've recently bought a Netbook that run very well with Ubuntu 10.04 and Gnome 2 GUI and now I am forced to use newer bloated software with heavy requirements for GUI just because everything needs pretty GUI and as a consequence older computers will be mistreated. Do you think that an OS is just GUI? This is what happens when economists and bankers and "owners of money manufacturing factories" lead the world. Hope you can understand my English as a second language! I think there is someone in the management who has no vision for Ubuntu (except profit and importing ideas from the closed source software model), maybe he is an economist or something related to.

    Dear gents, if you think that you are can write smarter things as a reply to my post, at least do not insult and do not pretend to be the smartest. A forum is a place where we all gather to discuss, not to do contests to see who's smarter and who's dumbest. Be civilized and behave within the limits of mutual respect! Thank you. Whatever... I mentioned this because in the west this is a fashion and trend. You write something, smartest geeks appear as all knowing Gods. Ganbatte!
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