Hi everyone. Iíve dug myself into a bit of a hole and Iíd really appreciate some help. Iím running Ubuntu with KDE, 64 bit and would describe myself as beginner-intermediate. Hereís what happened:

For no reason at all a load of applications uninstalled themselves. After some research I found out I needed to install a specific component of the ĎPolicykití package (which as it turns out, I probably already had). Installing this then created a situation where I had to choose which user (my own name duplicated twice) must give permissions to update etc. This was a small problem that I could have lived with but I stupidly tried to fix it by uninstalling Policykit. Little did I know that this would make my OS unbootable.

So now when I boot I get a message saying I canít log in (sorry I donít know the exact message as Iím away from the computer right now). But the long and the short of it is that I need to repair from BASH and hereís where Iím having problems.

When I try to Ďapt-get install updateí or Ďinstall policykití from the command line it Ďfailsí to retrieve the package. Iím fairly sure this is because Iím not connected to the Internet Ė would this be right?


Can someone talk me through connecting to my Ethernet from the command line? Iím hoping I donít need to create/edit config files because this will take me to the limits of my understanding. But I can do that if need be. I basically just need a temporary fix in order to briefly connect to the Internet, install policykit and be able to boot into my nice comfortable KDE environment so that I can do everything with GUIs rather than commands.

Thanks in advance.