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Thread: nvidia 310.44 upgrade on system 76 bonobo

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    nvidia 310.44 upgrade on system 76 bonobo

    I did a manual update of my nvidia geforce 560 card from 304 to 310. The display was sporadically going blank for a few seconds, so I thought a driver update would resolve that issue. Everything went well, except now when I log in as my normal self, the login screen goes blank like it is trying to log me into my normal environment, and poof, I'm back at the login screen. I can login as guest without problems, except that there is no sudo in guest, so I created another user with admin privileges and everything works as expected. But every time I try to login as myself, it just dumps me back to the default login screen.

    I figure it must be something in one of my config files, since other logins work. Can anyone guide me to the source of user specific display config files?

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    Re: nvidia 310.44 upgrade on system 76 bonobo

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