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Thread: upgrade or re-install

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    upgrade or re-install

    I have looked around and can't really find an answer to this. I have always tried out Ubuntu betas since 6.04 then re-install when the final release comes out. If you just run and apt-get upgrade will that get you everything? If they added a new feature since the beta will you get it? My problem is for some reason my computer WILL NOT install the BETA 2. I have not had time to trouble shoot why but I already have BETA 1 running. Does anyone know for sure if I will be running the exact same thing as the final version when its released or would I have to re-install?
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    Re: upgrade or re-install

    Simply "apt-get upgrade" by itself will not get you from the beta to the final release. The full command you want to run is:

    sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

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    Re: upgrade or re-install

    There was no need for commands with 12,10 beta the distribution updates came via the update manager and I would expect the same with 13.04.
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