This has been an on going issue.
Most of the time when I boot up, it only goes to the purple screen with the dots after I put in the password going no further and I only have the mouse to move around and access to nothing.

Sometimes it goes as far as the desk top picture showing up and nothing more, no icons and mouse pointer only.
After several attempts to boot, (3 TO 10) it goes all the way through and boots all the way up like you would expect.
However, even though it boots, the matrix background I have does not flow as it did when it was first installed.

Now it does not go beyond the purple screen after the password.

The only way I can boot now is to go to recovery mode and I am using it now to post this.

Even though the desk top looks clunky with the huge icons, the matrix background is nolonger static and flows like it should, where as before it would not flow.


The time delay once I choose Ubuntu over Windows, each step in the boot up process is unusually long as if there is a 30 second countdown to every step.

When I first partitioned the hard drive and Ubuntu was installed, I would go from choosing Ubuntu over Windows, to typing the password, to up and running in 15 seconds or so, REAL FAST!

Now it's 90 seconds minimum if it boots up to forever and I have to push the power button to kill it and start over again and again until it boots all the way up.

This is killing my Ubuntu joy!

This May my daughter is supposed to come out and she is Ubuntu wise, but until then I would love to get it fixed.