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Thread: Ubuntu GNOME and naming conventions

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    Lightbulb Ubuntu GNOME and naming conventions

    I'm wondering why Ubuntu GNOME Remix, when it became an official Ubuntu distribution, was named Ubuntu GNOME.

    We already have few distributions with different UIs:
    • KUbuntu with KDE,
    • XUbuntu with XFCE,
    • LUbuntu widh LXDE.

    Following this convention, why Ubuntu with GNOME is called Ubuntu GNOME, not for example GUbuntu?
    Maybe Canonical and Ubuntu Community should reconsider the name of this distribution?
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    Re: Ubuntu GNOME and naming conventions

    I think there used to be a gobuntu or gubuntu or gnubuntu or something.
    And google runs goobuntu.

    Calling it Ubuntu Gnome leaves no confusion as to what it is.
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    Re: Ubuntu GNOME and naming conventions

    Have you asked the developers of Ubuntu Gnome about this? Surely, the developers have a large say in what the thing is called. Canonical has to make sure that the distribution has not strayed so far away from Ubuntu that the use of "Ubuntu" in the name in any from would be inappropriate.

    The only thing that has changed is the removal of "remix." In this way supporters of this development are not confused by a completely new name. It makes sense to me.
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    Re: Ubuntu GNOME and naming conventions

    I never liked the *ubuntu naming convention anyway. It just sounds kind of dumb (IMO, of course). Or, in the case of Xubuntu, it doesn't sound like anything. How do you pronounce that, anyway? Zoobuntu? X-ubuntu?
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    Re: Ubuntu GNOME and naming conventions

    I always thought it was "Zoo-buntu" myself

    I find the naming scheme to be a useful clarification for pawing through packages. IE I won't mistake xubuntu-desktop for a vanilla XFCE item. And it seems less cumbersome than ubuntu-xfce-desktop or whatever. If they altered the naming scheme, I could conform though. I'm not particularly passionate about it.
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    Re: Ubuntu GNOME and naming conventions

    How about Rubuntu? ShoeBuntu? GeorgeBuntu? CucumberBuntu? IMO, if Canonical wants to make the *Buntu's newbie-to-linux friendly, then they need to have a better naming scheme, and making a "Gubuntu" is not going to help that naming scheme in any way. As someone said before me, there is the google distro, Goobuntu, (which, by the way, is a far worse of a name than any Dev or I could think of), that is pronounced *EXACTLY* how "Gubuntu" is pronounced. Unless you want to make it G-Ubuntu, which doesn't exactly fit into the *Buntu naming "scheme".
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    Re: Ubuntu GNOME and naming conventions

    There are advantages to calling them all Ubuntu i.e. Ubuntu Xfce, Ubuntu KDE, Ubuntu Gnome, Ubuntu LXDE. When you group these all together you get roughly the same Distrowatch totals as Mint which already works on that basis. Having said that, Ubuntu is the flagship and I guess there are branding/identity reasons for only calling Ubuntu Ubuntu.

    I'd love to run Ubuntu but it's just a bit heavy for my machine's specs. He's getting contacts next week, so it should be ok. Running Xubuntu always feels like a separate distro in the same way Mint does.

    Yes, it's pronounced zoo-buntu.
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