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Thread: [unsolvable] Cannot update, /boot would be too small? Why is PAE installed

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    Re: Cannot update, /boot would be too small?

    Thanks for those reactions. And yes I know how to partition, thats not the point. My problem is in Why the update process takes so much space in /boot. It never happend before and a boot of 128MB ( mine just 124MB , okay... ) was always more then enough.
    Now there is a sudden jump in used space needed....

    And then, I don't think it is waste of time to try to understand what is going on.

    I have been looking a bit further and I think I see a part of the problem. For some reason I realy cant get my finger on, the system has now instaled the generic and the generic-pae kernel. I have a 32 bit system and no more then 1GB mem. So there is no point in having the pae on the system.
    But when I try to remove it, it immediatly wants to install a new pae kernel. Which doubles the space needed in /boot.

    New kernels seems to be about 27MB (max) so at least I have then about 25MB short...

    So the question maby sould be Why do I have a PAE kernel on my system.

    Reconfig of the harddrive is no problem I could even put both partitions together, even temporarily. Thats not the point.

    Sorry, forgot the question of AJGREENY:
    I have only these kernels on my system :

    And the header( and other kernel releted ) files are in / not in /boot I have them seperated.
    Some years ago I had even more filesystems seperated, but sometimes it only means waste of space.
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    Re: Cannot update, /boot would be too small?

    Meanwhile I renamed all the pae related files and dirs. The system boots normal.
    Why is the pae kernel put on my system !. And why can't I remove it the normal way ?

    When I start update and deselect all pae packages, the download starts and guess what ...

    The pae packages are downloaded too. Then I cancel, because I don't want them if I don't need them. At least I have no reason for.

    So who is going to explain, who want to spread his/her knowlege.

    Has it something to do with the nvidia-96 driver ???? As far I remember it is installed since I loaded that driver.

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    Re: Cannot update, /boot would be too small?

    The PAE kernel is installed automatically if your system has more than 3GB RAM.

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    Re: Cannot update, /boot would be too small?

    Thanks Oldos2er, I have read that document and just because of whats written in it, I am very curious why the PAE kernel is on my system.
    I have a 32 bit system with less then 1 Gb mem. So it should not be nessecary to have it.
    But I cannot even remove it, Update immediatly tries to install a new one even when I deselect it.
    See my post number # 12 .
    Crippling the PAE fileset does not seem to harm the good working system.
    I still think it came on the system when I installed the Nvidia-96 package.

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