Hi all!

So, after a good 5 or so years, my DFI Blood Iron P35T2RL finally died on me . I'm in the market for a new socket LGA775 motherboard...

I thought it'd be as simple as hopping on Amazon, or Ebuyer, or Scan, but nothing I've seen encourages me.

It seems completely wasteful to scrap the processor (Core 2 Quad Q6600, I've managed to overclock it to 3.2GHz!), but the DDR2 RAM has been recycled into another PC. DDR3 seems to have taken off - and considering the speed increases/energy savings it seemed stupid to stick with the DDR2. The only reason I'm sticking with the rest of the build at all is because of my processor, I'm reluctant to a) spend money when the hardware is perfectly usable still b) give up the high performance it's given.

I'm basically asking if anyone has any motherboard models they could (1) recommend (because it's served them well, because it's good for overclocking, because it's rock solid stable etc) and (2) source (since that seems to be the problem with the big hardware retailers, wanting to move people to the newer hardware).

Bar the need for overclockability and DDR3, all I need in the way of features is RAID0 support and a minimum of 3 SATA slots (2xhard drive, plus DVD drive). Oh, and a PCI-E slot for the graphics card (Nvidia 9800GTX), but that seems to be standard in most modern motherboards anyway. You can't go wrong with having plenty of USB ports, too, and USB 3 support would be nice, but this isn't as essential.

Since the system is making use of old hardware, there's obviously an impetus not to break the bank...since spending much over £50 (plus another £50 for RAM) would beg the question "Why not just build anew?".

I understand the wishlist is fairly stringent, so if anyone thinks I'm asking too much... just what is unrealistic would be useful information to have too.

Questions, comments, queries and feedback welcome. Go!