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Thread: Give the VM a WLAN card?

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    Question Give the VM a WLAN card?

    Hi guys! I have just installed Kali Linux in a VirtualBox VM, and want to penetration test MY OWN wifi network. In order for this to be possible I need to give the VM a WLAN card. How would I go about doing this? All of the network adapters available are just LAN cards (AMD PCNET 2 PCI, AMD PCNET 3 FAST PCI Family Fast Ethernet, Intel Gigabit Workstation, Intel Gigabit Server, Intel Gigabit Datacenter server, and Paravirtualized virtio-net). These are all wired, even though I have a fully functional WLAN card on the host! I have tried bridging through the WLAN card, but it can still only come through as one of those lan adapters. Any ideas? I have heard about getting a USB/Serial WLAN adapter, and using the USB function to get it into the VM, but I don't really want to do that. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Give the VM a WLAN card?

    What made you think you could do penetration testing from a VM in the first place? Usually, an OS installed in a VM, only sees virtual hardware, which makes wlans on the host irrelevant.
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    Re: Give the VM a WLAN card?

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