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Thread: KDE Taskbar Questions

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    KDE Taskbar Questions

    I've got 12.04 running pretty well now and am ready to pull the plug on 11.04. I have a couple questions I hope someone can answer.
    KDE with the taskbar at the bottom....
    When I have programs running like Firefox and Thunderbird, they do not appear in the taskbar. I used to be able to switch to one or the other by clicking on those, now I have to use Alt-Tab.
    I must have done something because it worked the right way for a while.

    The other question is about grouping functions on the taskbar. I'd like to have the programs at the left and the clock and other "nonprograms on the right but can't find a way to do it. Is there any program or tweak that will let me do that?

    I'm so glad I tried KDE


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    Re: KDE Taskbar Questions

    Open the panel settings by clicking the "cashew" on the right, you should then be able to slide the panel widgets around to where you want them.

    The task manager widget is what controls showing running programs, did you change something with it?

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    Re: KDE Taskbar Questions

    Right click on the panel and choose Task Manager Settings. You'll see a variety of options that control which applications appear.
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