I have an older computer that's pretty outdated. I had Ubuntu 9.10 installed on it but in an attempt to upgrade it, the OS is now no longer usable. I found a 9.10 live CD which I can run but installation has become a problem.

When I tried using a newer CD, I get an error that the CD was created too fast so it can't be read. This is very strange to me but what can I do.

If I am able to install 9.10 on this computer, how can I upgrade the system to newer versions? It is dual booted with an older version of XP SP1. It has has issues upgrading. When I had 9.10 working properly, it went very smoothly and was very fast. I'd like to have this as an extra computer.

Also, the BIOS apparently does not support USB boot and I'd have to pay some company $30 to get a software upgrade for it.

Any help is appreciated.