Hi, I just switched from Windows like many others. The problem is, I am already very very accustomed to the graphical GUI found in Windows rather than the terminal commands commonly used in Linux. Usually in Windows when I google something, I can memorize which windows opens which settings to amend and tinker around with the buttons... but with Ubuntu these few days, I kept copying lines of commands to install stuff. Getting Chrome was a nightmare. I get the shift from C:/ to / quickly because it is just folder arrangement. I have no idea when I should use sudo, tar, wget, and all that stuff along with the syntax (what if I typed wrong?) to live properly in Ubuntu. I love the new interface of Ubuntu and its speed. But I just want to get a handle on how the commands are to be used to do anything productive like download packages, run repositories and etc.... I dont expect a step-by step guide but can you guys give me links to them please?