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Thread: Dash & Powermenu backgrounds 'glitched'

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    Dash & Powermenu backgrounds 'glitched'

    A few days ago i went from Ubuntu 12.10 to 13.04 Beta. It was though getting things running since my system is kind of messy. One of the problems i have run into:

    The backround of my dash looks glitched, and anytime i type or scroll in dash it 'blinks'.
    The power pop-up menu thats new to 13.04 has a similair problem. It looks to bright, you cant read any letters. There's also a square in the bottom left hand, same as in the dash.
    (See attachments)

    Does any one know how to fix this?

    PS. I have been using ubuntu for some time now, so getting a bit technical wont be a problem. ( A bit, i would not say i am an expert, not anything near it.)
    On the other hand: This is the first time i'm posting in ubuntu forums (Or any forum for that matter) So if there's something wrong, please tell me!
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    Re: Dash & Powermenu backgrounds 'glitched'

    Your Dash looks ok, they're using that graduated look now (why I don't know
    The power popup is obviously bad, some people had similar a ways back though I never did & don't recollect a solution.
    Maybe some settings carried foward from 12.10 are causing issue?

    I'd try 2 things, -
    Try another background, see if anything improves.
    Create a new user, log in & see if things are better, if so then some local settings/config of yours needs adjusting.

    (myself don't like a blurred Dash, don't see the point of seeing behind it. Also don't really like the colored launcher so instead set Dash to 'no blur' & raise the opacity in unity's compiz setting > Background to a high value - gives a dark Dash similar to what unity-2d had & the power popup is quite dark & readable (screen
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    Re: Dash & Powermenu backgrounds 'glitched'

    I'm going to suggest it may be a compiz problem, as before this past weekends updates, nautilus did the same thing for me, and before it actually started working completely, compiz crashed.

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    Re: Dash & Powermenu backgrounds 'glitched'

    Going to compiz and setting dash to no blur fixed both problems! None of the backgrounds are glitched/Unreadable. It also looks nicer now. Thanks for the quick help!


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