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Thread: How to Install Firefox-20

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    Re: How to Install Firefox-20

    Snowpine, here is the output when I run it from the terminal window as directed in post#3. Does this give us useful info for solving the matter?

    swarup@swarup-laptop:~$ cd /home/swarup/Desktop/firefox 
    swarup@swarup-laptop:~/Desktop/firefox$ ./firefox
    XPCOMGlueLoad error for file /home/swarup/Desktop/firefox/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
    Couldn't load XPCOM.

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    Re: How to Install Firefox-20

    I googled the error messages and found some bugs on the Mozilla site such as:

    You will have to do the research from there, as I am unable to support you with an end-of-life release.

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    Re: How to Install Firefox-20

    If you are unable to get Firefox 20 to work because of some unmet requirement, you can certainly get a newer version than 3.6.11. I still have Ubuntu 8.04 installed on one partition of a computer (for historical reference and research purposes), and it is using Firefox 16.02 with no problem, so that version at least should work since you have Ubuntu 9.04. I haven't tried anything more recent than that, and I don't get any warnings about that version being considered too old.

    My method was to just extract and put the firefox folder from the downloaded archive into my home folder, and modify the launchers for that location. I like the general method in your first post, however as is more elegant.

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    Re: How to Install Firefox-20


    Were you able to resolve your issue and getting FF-20 to install on Ubuntu 9.0.4 ? I have the exact same post here see below. However I cannot get it to work. Please either reply here or send me a PM.



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