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Thread: Asus X101CH image?

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    Asus X101CH image?

    While traveling through Europe, I bought an Asus X101CH with Ubuntu 12.04 preloaded. While starting it up for the first time, it got interrupted and now the computer says "Missing operating system." I haven't tried a basic Ubuntu install because it may have proprietary drivers or other software that I'd like to test out.

    I'm in contact with Asus, but their support knows nothing about Ubuntu. They want me to send it in because they only have recovery DVD's for Windows.

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to (a) where I might get an Asus image of 12.04? or (b) anyone in Ausus support who knows something about Linux?
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    Re: Asus X101CH image?

    Just try a live USB of 12.04 and you will soon see if the vanilla ubuntu version works or not. If it all seems to go properly you can re-install very quickly, though I think you may find that Xubuntu will be better on that netbook than Ubuntu.

    It may also be possible to restore whatever went wrong at your first startup, but without more knowledge of the machine hardware or where it was interupted at startup, it is difficult to help further.

    Come back again if needed.
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    Re: Asus X101CH image?

    Thanks, ajgreeny. Wanted to try the Asus system first - I'm doing testing before we buy other Asus Ubuntu machines.
    Had a friend help me out - booted from a live USB and then reinstalled grub. Once I got that going, was able to boot and run the built-in installer.

    Dumb Asus - there's a built-in Ubuntu Recovery installer on their machines!

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    Re: Asus X101CH image?

    'm currently having some issues getting 12.04 to run properly on my Asus ET2012EUTS (all in one) and came across your thread about the recovery installer. I realize that we're using entirely different machines, but i was wondering if you could expand on that post so that i might be able figure a few things out. Are you referring to a recovery image / partition that was pre-loaded on your windows drive? Or something else. I still have the disk image from my hard drive on an external, but have since reformatted the main drive, this recovery installer might be useful to me.

    I was also wondering if you've had any video driver issues when updating or switching OS's on the asus platform, i'm always able to get my machine up and running fine from a fresh install, but once i start installing updates, gpu stops working, both on Windows & Linux distros.

    Any feedback you can provide is greatly appreicated.

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