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Thread: Ubuntu mobile app/software development

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    Question Ubuntu mobile app/software development

    I was thinking about installing the regular Ubuntu on a Windows 8 tablet with x86 basically a tablet that is actually a PC. I want to make a program that supports all gestures and movement detection of a tablet. Windows 8 has full support on a variety of different programming languages and supports all mobile device sensors in its SDK. I am not sure about Ubuntu.

    My questions:
    1) Does the regular PC-Ubuntu have some kind of SDK that helps me access the tablet sensors?
    2) If not, do I need to wait for some specific Ubuntu Mobile?
    3) The bottom line is that I can access all tablet features and still create my software like it was running on a PC, i.e. full compatibility with all kinds of libraries that already run on a standard x86 PC. Of course if the tablet does not have a keyboard, I don't expect keyboard functions to be executed. You know what I mean. Do you see any problems?

    Thx for answering!
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