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Thread: Laptop with Hybrid SSD

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    Laptop with Hybrid SSD


    I have a Laptop with 2*750 gb hard drives. It also has a SanDisk iSSD P4.

    This is used as a cache in Windows. I was hoping to install Ubuntu onto this SSD.
    This SSD is only 8gb in size.

    I tried different methods, such as installing only the "/" onto the SSD and the rest onto main hard drive. But it would not work.

    When booting from a live ubuntu disk, the SSD drive is visible. It is also visible in windows under the partitioning options.

    However, it is not visible in the BIOS, so i cannot boot from the device.
    And as I said, after installing previously, it seems that the boot loader did not work as I was told that there is no operating system installed on the laptop.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Laptop with Hybrid SSD

    you may be able to put the mbr on the hdd and have it boot the ssd with / on it
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    Re: Laptop with Hybrid SSD

    Is it SSD [Solid State Drive] or SD [Secure Digital]? BIOS won't boot SD cards. You can try putting GRUB boot-loader on HDD and Ubuntu on the card and try, like suggested in post #2.

    If its SSD and Hybrid then there may be RAID and/or Intel SRT on the system. Please confirm. Either can cause kind of issues you are having.
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