Hello All!

First of all, I'd like to appologize up front if this is posted in the wrong Forum (As I am new to Ubuntu Forums, and forums in general).

Now to my issue,

Multiple times a day, probably 3 or 4, while playing games my screen will freeze up and the audio from the application will halt, repeat, or simplify (I will elaborate on this in a minute).

The results are different for different applications, for example, lets say I'm playing Killing Floor and in a voice chat through steam with some friends. When the screen freezes, All movement will freeze on the screen (Some colorful pixles can be seen), and the audio "Simplifies", what I mean by this is that all the music will stop, along with any other sounds, and all I can hear is the distant moaning of the clots (Zombies). But I can still hear and talk to my friends through the voice chat just fine. I have not found a way to fix the screen freeze without restarting the computer.

Another example would be if I am playing Urban Terror and talking through Teamspeak 3, When the game freezes, I get the same colorful pixles on the screen, but the audio from the game loops over and over and over. And as before, I can still chat with the people through the other application. This leads me to believe that its not the computer that is freezing, but simply the game.

I have also removed as much of the casing as I could to allow maximum cooling, but it does not seem to help, if anything it's made it worse...

Any help is much appreciated, Thank you in advance.

System Specs:

Ubuntu 12.04 32bit
Intel Pentium D 3.4 GHz Dual Core
ATI Radeon HD 3650 (Old, yes I know)
Played Screen Resolution: 1600x1200