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Thread: Linux Mint Mate 14 - endless loop

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    Linux Mint Mate 14 - endless loop

    I moved this to a new thread because I realized I was highjacking someone elses thread. So here is my problem:

    there are differences I don't know about Ubuntu and Mint. I am not a linux guru, But what I do know is that Something went awry with a mint mate 14 install that was running fine until I tried to put in Wine and play with linux. Now every time I try to reinstall it no matter how many times I erased my hard drive I get an endless loop of being sent back to the splash screen, it installs completely but won't let me log in.I tried to use different window managers to no avail. There is some error that I can not catch because it goes by so fast about virtual packages. During the startup. You can tell its an error because it is in orange. I think the OS embeds some bits of code into the physical memory, and I cant find it or get rid of it. So I can not install Linux Mint Mate 14 any more. All other OS's in the linux distro will install, and run, except for that one, even KDE 14 will install.

    I don't know what to do ro how to get out of it or get rid of the offending code, but it has to be embedded into the memory or I am not erasing the drives completely. Mind you this happens on both hard drives. If anyone knows of a solution I would be more than happy to try it. I even got Maya 13 to run and install, but not mint mate 14. BTW before you tell me to go to the Mint forums I already did, they aren't as caring or interested in helping people as this one is....FWIW.

    Thanks for any help or suggestions.
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    Re: Linux Minte MAte 14

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    Re: Linux Mint Mate 14 - endless loop

    Look for Ultimate Boot CD and burn it. Look for manufacturer disk utilities. Then run your disk drive's low-level format routine.
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