Good Afternoon,

I have been searching the forums but not really seeing any clear answers to my questions. Basically I am a long term windows user, probably no surprise. A friend put me on to Ubuntu and so far I am loving it.

Currently I am dual booting with Windows 7 just in case I get the shakes and need to go back to it, however so far so good, in fact I am incredibly surprised as to just how much can run on Linux through Wine and other methods such as virtual Box.

So 2 questions really.

1) How efficient would it be to simply run Windows 7 in virtual box with Ubuntu as my main OS? I run some games that simply won't work under Wine for example. Would a virtual windows install work smoothly? I have not tried as I don't have enough space on my SSD with the current dual boot setup.

2) Once I decide to remove Windows 7 and thus kill the dual boot, can I just simply delete the windows partition and resize it so Ubuntu takes it all over?

Thanks for you help