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Thread: How to set up two partition Mythbuntu

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    How to set up two partition Mythbuntu

    I had a hard drive crash and started again with a clean install of 12.04 mythbuntu.

    On a previous release, there was a single partition, and so I figured that I would have a better chance of saving my data if I kept programs and data on separate partitions. Now I can set schedules, but nothing records. Before I repartition and reinstall, does anyone have troubleshooting steps that I could use to see why the programs aren't being recorded?

    I particularly would like to verify that my permissions are set properly.

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    Re: How to set up two partition Mythbuntu

    Presumably you mean two partitions plus swap. What is on each of the two? Root on one, what on the other? Use df to check.

    Recordings are normally held in /var/lib/mythtv/recordings. I've seen references to problems if this is the top level directory of the partition, but /var/lib/mythtv is okay.

    Do you see anything in the backend log? Check particularly at the times you expected the recording to start and end.
    Do: less /var/log/mythtv/mythbackend.log


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    Re: How to set up two partition Mythbuntu

    yes definitely check the permissions (and ownership)

    $ tree -pugd /var/lib/mythtv
    ├── [drwxrwsr-x mythtv   mythtv  ]  banners
    ├── [drwxrwsr-x mythtv   mythtv  ]  bare-client
    ├── [drwxrwsr-x mythtv   mythtv  ]  coverart
    ├── [drwxrwsr-x mythtv   mythtv  ]  db_backups
    ├── [drwxrwsr-x mythtv   mythtv  ]  fanart
    ├── [drwxrwsr-x mythtv   mythtv  ]  livetv
    ├── [drwxrwsr-x mythtv   mythtv  ]  music
    ├── [drwxrwxr-x mythtv   mythtv  ]  pictures
    ├── [drwxrwsr-x mythtv   mythtv  ]  recordings
    ├── [drwxrwsr-x mythtv   mythtv  ]  screenshots
    ├── [drwxrwsr-x mythtv   mythtv  ]  streaming
    ├── [drwxrwsr-x mythtv   mythtv  ]  trailers
    └── [drwxrwsr-x mythtv   mythtv  ]  videos
    (drwxrwsr-x is octal mode 2775 if you need to chmod them)

    $ stat -c '%a' /var/lib/mythtv/recordings
    I seem to remember having a similar issue when I first moved my mythtv dirs off the root filesystem

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    Re: How to set up two partition Mythbuntu

    Yes, you are correct, Phil. I meant two partitions plus swap. I set up a smaller partition for root, and I set the other one up for /home. It has been a couple of months, but I either hard linked /var/lib/mythtv to a sub-directory under /home, or I configured the repository for the videos by name on a /home subdirectory.

    I'll fire up the beastie and check the log, which, honestly, I forgot about. {Duh!}

    Thanks for the response,

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    Re: How to set up two partition Mythbuntu

    And thank you for the perms, which will also come in handy. I wonder, if I did do the hard-link, does the link need the permissions, or does it just pick them up from the destination?


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