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Thread: network connection problem

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    network connection problem

    I have 3 computers networked together. They are called HP, ACER and TOWER.
    From HP I can connect to ACER and TOWER OK and exchange files.
    From ACER I can connect to TOWER but NOT to HP
    From TOWER I can connect to ACER but NOT to HP

    Using findsmb on HP I get
    --------------------------------------------------------------------- TOWER [WORKGROUP] [Unix] [Samba 3.6.6]
    This is incorrect for HP - the IP address for HP on the router is and the name is HP. I reason that this error stops the other computers from connecting.

    ifconfig on HP shows the correct iP address on the router

    The other two computers show their correct IP addresses and NETBIOS NAMEs.

    On HP the smb.conf file has the netbios name HP which is correct.

    How can I change settings so that findsmb gives the correct address

    On ACER the output from smbtree is
    Enter user's password:


    \\TOWER tower server (Samba, Ubuntu)
    \\TOWER\IPC$ IPC Service (tower server (Samba, Ubuntu))
    \\TOWER\user Tower
    \\TOWER\print$ Printer Drivers

    \\READYSHARE readyshare
    \\READYSHARE\ADMIN$ IPC Service (readyshare)
    \\READYSHARE\IPC$ IPC Service (readyshare)
    \\READYSHARE\USB read:all-no password;write:all-no password

    \\HP hp server (Samba, Ubuntu)
    \\HP\print$ Printer Drivers
    \\HP\user Acer Laptop
    \\HP\IPC$ IPC Service (acer server (Samba, Ubuntu))

    \\ACER acer server (Samba, Ubuntu)
    \\ACER\print$ Printer Drivers
    \\ACER\user Acer Laptop
    \\ACER\IPC$ IPC Service (acer server (Samba, Ubuntu))
    You will note that \\HP\user points to Acer Laptop. It should be HP. All the rest is OK. If I try to connect to HP from ACER I get the ACER directories not the HP ones.
    Similarly on the TOWER computer.

    The output of smbtree on HP is OK.

    Sorry that this may be a bit confusing. I hae tried to provide as much information as I think necessary.


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