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Thread: broadcom wireless bcm4311 driver issues

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    broadcom wireless bcm4311 driver issues


    Noob status here: thanks in advance for your help...

    I am seeking help establishing a wireless connection in Ubuntu 12.04/using Broadcom bcm4311 wireless card

    I have installed Ubuntu under a dual boot system with Windows. I do not have access to an ethernet connection so i cannot install the appropriate broadcom drivers via a wired connection. I am running Ubuntu under a dual boot with Windows which has a wireless conncection. So, I received some advice that the best approach would be to create a directory and download the appropriate drivers into the folder and then install them in Ubuntu via command line. Being that i am a green blooded NOOB I am not sure where i would go to download the appropriate drivers for the broadcom bcm4311 and HOW EXACTLY i would download them into a folder on Windows. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: broadcom wireless bcm4311 driver issues

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