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Thread: help with downloads?

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    Question help with downloads?

    hello everybody,
    maybe you can help me , i am new to this operating system and i have a question. for example... when i go to download a random file off the net it goes to archieve manager? and never opens anything i download always says error . does anybody have any clue on this one? cause i am a idiot i guess
    thanks for your anticipated help

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    Re: help with downloads?

    Are you trying to download .exe files by any chance?

    If you are then you should be aware that .exe files are programs for the Windows operating system, and they usually wont work with Ubuntu.
    You will be able to get some of these programs to run by using Wine, but you should really be looking for native Linux programs instead.

    Can you give us a link to some of the files you are downloading, this will give us more information on what is going wrong.

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    Re: help with downloads?

    Give us a link to one of these downloads.

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    Re: help with downloads?


    I and I expect others do not think you are an idiot but a new Ubuntu user.

    If you are downloading music, videos or indeed other user created data then will give you an idea of applications on offer via Ubuntu and the types of files they expect to use.

    Gopod luck with things and keep asking questions.

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    Re: help with downloads?

    .exe files may be send to the archive manager because some .exes are auto-extracting archives. They won't auto-extract on Linux, but the archive manager can handle them. In general, however, Linux cannot handle .exe files. Some may run in wine (check the database at for a list of applications known to work in wine), but the best way is to find a Linux alternative: or ask here.


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