Hello, everyone

I've used thunderbird since years to manage my email, but since couple of day, it seems different : indeed, without reason, thunderbird start using one of my two core for about 5 minute. And when I use my other core for something, it end in a freeze and I've to restart. That's really anoying, you can't imagine. But for different reasons, I don't like Evolution too much, and I want to continue using thunderbird instead. Do someone have a solution for me ?

Here is extra informations :
- I'm using what I think is the last version in the repository : 17.0.4
- I've two adress : one GMail, and one for my university. The second one cannot be the cause, because I've try reinstalling thunderbird after deleting everything, and on a first time, I don't set my school adress in thunderbird, and it still do this.

Thanks in advance,


PS : sorry if I'm in the wrong category, I don't know wich one to choose.