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Thread: need help for deleted home folder

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    need help for deleted home folder

    I'm new in ubuntu. Recently I try to change the file permission in my ubuntu desktop folder. I open the account setting and change the user id, before my user id is 1001 and I changed it to 999 and user type to root, in a dialog ask me to replace folder, after I click OK, all my home folder file is deleted, my free space is increased, and it's just remain one folder that named folder anonim. Can I get my file back to its original state? Any help will be grateful. Thanks.

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    Re: need help for deleted home folder

    To safely use root privileges please read the link above. I can't help set up a graphical root log in, if that is what you are attempting, it is against the forum guidelines. I also think the loss may be permanent especially as you would have needed to be root to change that, please wait further advice on that though, I hope I am wrong. Cheers.


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