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Thread: "an application wants to access the keyring default"

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    Question "an application wants to access the keyring default"

    this dialog is beyond useless.

    WHICH application??!!

    How on earth is a person supposed to INTELLIGENTLY decide whether or not it's safe to allow this mystery application access??

    "Excuse me, Sir, 'someone' would like to borrow your house keys. Would you like to allow it?"

    How does such an otherwise well-developed operating system/shell/desktop-environment even present such nonsense?

    I'm not even going to go into all the multiple nested levels of how silly this is right now.

    HOW do i figure out which app is requesting this access, so that i can either give it permission, or uninstall it? There's not even a way to permanently answer "no" for this particular app.

    File under, 'are you kidding me??'. It defies the idea of 'security' -- completely. And it's bad OS manners. =)

    Or as my four-year-old might occasionally be heard saying... a well-placed, contextually-relevant, "What the?"

    Help appreciated.

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    Re: "an application wants to access the keyring default"

    Ubuntu One can do this.


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