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Thread: 12.10 & Acer Aspire One 150 (AOA150, ZG5). Issues with batt., crashes, wifi switch...

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    12.10 & Acer Aspire One 150 (AOA150, ZG5). Issues with batt., crashes, wifi switch...

    Hello there.

    I decided to give Ubuntu another try on my AOA150, mostly because the wiki says everything works outta the box.

    I've installed it and noticed the card readers and the wifi switch weren't working, and the hdd was clicking like hell.

    After following these steps:

    HDD Clicking:

    Card Reader:

    Fan Control:

    Everything was working fine, except for the network manager thing, which even when connected to a wifi networked don't show the 'disconnect' nor lists the networks sometimes. So I decided to update the system. Worst decision ever.

    During the update process a lot of errors popped up asking me if I wanted to report the problem, of course I didn't report them .

    After a reboot, the system became unstable, for example, the 'system settings' doesn't work properly. It doesn't crash, but once you open it and switch to another windows, it's impossible to quit it or switch to it (you have to minimize the other windows). Also, a big annoyance is the battery indicator sometimes just doesn't work, it just displays "charged" (as it it were 100%). Also, the network manager seems to work randomly, it rarely works correctly, most time it just shows these 4 entries:
    Enable Networking
    Enable Wireless
    Connection Information
    Edit Connections
    even if I'm connected to a wireless network. So there's no way to disconnect other than disabling the wireless card.
    The power consumption also is way higher than Windows, Windows used to consume 9-10W, on Ubuntu it's like 12-16W according to powertop. The obvious consequence is that the unplugged time has been drastically reduced.

    Any help on these problems. Is there other distro that is recommended for this specific hardware?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Re: 12.10 & Acer Aspire One 150 (AOA150, ZG5). Issues with batt., crashes, wifi switc

    I have an Acer Aspire One ZG5, but I don't try to run Unity, I run Xubuntu, so I can't help you with the Unity environment. Yes, even Xubuntu is not as power frugal as Windows XP, but I also tried Win7 and Win7 was not as frugal as XP, either. You might also try Chromium OS (Chrome OS rewritten by Hexxeh, , which runs fine on this hardware, if you are using this only for the Internet applications.

    Ubuntu or Xubuntu 12.04 also seem to run better than 12.10.

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    Re: 12.10 & Acer Aspire One 150 (AOA150, ZG5). Issues with batt., crashes, wifi switc

    Thank you.

    Good Jesus, i knew i should've gone with LTS! .

    ChromeOS? Nope, thanks. Totally sucks imho. You need internet connection for it to work (few apps are available offline). It's a total fail imho. Not ready for the earth in this millenium, maybe in a thousand years when mars gets populated people will be able to rely 100% on an internet connection then it's gonna be somewhat useful, until then, nope.

    Xubuntu seems kinda good also. I really dislike the Unity and that silly launcher with recommendations and no applications menu (only non-working filters). Plus it uses compiz, is slow as hell on this machine and drains too much battery (unity2d was way better if you ask me).

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    Re: 12.10 & Acer Aspire One 150 (AOA150, ZG5). Issues with batt., crashes, wifi switc

    After trying Ubuntu and Mint (LTS and latest) I gave up and installed Windows again.
    There are no wireless drivers working properly, plus the battery life is much shorter. Even after doing all the powertop recommendations.

    It's a pity Linux hardware support is bad.

    This is the second machine I bought that came with Linux (the other one is a HP DV6000 (Mandriva)), and shamefully, the hardware support is only for the distro that shipped with them, and not updated. So if I want to use my Acer ZG5 with Linux, I have to use it totally outdated, like, the programs from 2008. The same applies to my DV6000, being from 2006 or something.

    In the end I had to buy Windows for them. I didn't want to be a Windows customer, but I bought Windows like a fanboy .

    Isn't there a way to 'take' the Linux drivers that come with these custom distros? Why aren't they merged into the standard distros? It's somewhat stupid that if you buy a computer with a distro it doesn't work with other distros or newer versions.

    Also, I know Linux is intended for servers and only a few guys actually use it for Desktop and even less for Notebooks, but why Linux is so power-hungry?
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