In order to synchronize the contents of two laptops (an old and a new one, both with Ubuntu 12.04 (LTS) installed with just one user each with the same name) I need (if possible) to rename the encrypted home dir (/home/pippo) of the new laptop where I have already copied 32 GB of data from the other pc; the problem arises from the fact that, for a shortcoming of my mind, the home dir of the old laptop has a different name!).
So, I created a new folder (/home/pioppa (with the same namedir of the home dir of the old laptop)) in the new laptop but, after booting from live Ubuntu USB disk, I can't access the old home folder (/home/pippo) since it is encrypted... (I wanted to copy its whole content to /home/pioppa).
I also tried the utility ecryptfs-mount-private but I get the response: 'ERROR: Encrypted private directory is not setup properly'

What is the simplest way to do that?